Make it seamless and be safe

Home automation and alarm systems can be cumbersome and complex to configure and use. Devices are oftentimes incompatible or impossible to control remotely. And even professional alarm systems are mostly insufficient and unsafe.

Switch addresses all these issues and provides a cloud based service that makes it easy to use and protect your home – without any need for additional hardware and at no cost at all!

Download the Switch mobile app and start a safe and seamless life!


With Switch you can control your home automation devices in one place – even if some are connected through SmartThings and others are Arlo, Ring or HomeKit devices. You can establish routines that use all sorts of devices and trigger such routines manually or automatically. You can even connect third party services such as IFTTT easily!


Switch provides a sophisticated alarm logic out of the box. You only have to define the function and location of relevant devices and then Switch makes sure your home is protected and you know when things happen. And it makes sure you don’t have to think much about using it or avoiding false alarms.

Switch at a Glance


You can make your Arlo cameras and sirens work with Switch directly and easily. Just authorise the connection and you are done.


Switch works perfectly with devices that are connected to a SmartThings hub. Connecting Switch with your SmartThings account is easy.

Apple HomeKit

You can let Switch control your HomeKit devices through any connected iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that has access to these devices.


Switch easily integrates with your Ring cameras and doorbells and makes it easy to communicate with your visitors or open the door for them


With Switch you can organise your devices and routines in spaces such as rooms or outdoor areas. You can assign items to more than one space or none, as well.


Marking spaces, devices and routines as favourites makes them easily accessible on the favourite screen - so you have handy what you use most frequently.

Multiple Homes

If you use other places beyond your home, such as a holiday flat, an office or a shop, you can manage all of them with Switch and change swiftly between them.

Multiple Users

Invite people to use your home or other places. You can even allow selected users to manage your home while others can use it, but not change the home configuration.

Manual Routines

Occasionally you want to do lot tasks at once - such as lifting all shades or switching on the lights and the stereo. With routines you can perform all tasks with one touch.


Switch can perform routines according to schedule - switching devices and toggle back later - at a defined time or in function of sunrise and sunset.

Event Trigger

Routines can also be triggered by defined events, such as the the flick of a switch or a detected motion. This also allows you to automate entire event chains.


Switch allows you to easily replay past weeks for selected devices. So you can automate complex, weekly procedures or simulate presence while you are away.


Switch keeps you aware of everything noteworthy - e.g. a battery needs a charge or a door opens. And it's you who defines what's noteworthy for yourself.

Alarm System

The switch alarm system is sophisticated while easy to configure and use. It protects your home and let's you know when unexpected things happen in or around your home.


Switch works around the globe and is available in English, Spanish and German. And that's true for all: the app, this website, and the entire service.


Despite being a great product and a reliable service, Switch comes at no cost at all - and for all its current features is intended to remain free forever.

Secure Cloud

Switch runs on your mobile device and in the cloud. All data that leaves or reaches your mobile device is encrypted. This makes things easy and secure.


Switch can trigger other cloud based services such as IFTTT and also allow these services to trigger pre-defined routines in Switch.

You will love Switch

If you have a SmartThings hub, you will love Switch for its easiness and the powerful alarm system. 

If you have HomeKit devices, you will love Switch for the powerful routines and the alarm system.

If you use SmartThings and HomeKit, Arlo or Ring in parallel, you will love the seamless integration between these without any need for additional local technology.

If you have other home automation devices or none, we invite you to get in touch with us.