The story behind Switch

Andreas lives in a house that was equipped with a Verisure by Securitas security system and felt his family was well protected. He knew that Verisure also offered home automation services, but considered them too expensive.

In March 2017, during his family vacations, his house was burglarised. He only found out when the family returned home. The Verisure security system had failed entirely.

Andreas studied Verisure’s technology and concluded: the failure was by design. He asked the police if ADT or any of the Verisure / Securitas competitors offered a safer system and the police confirmed that they all share the same technology architecture and hence the same flaws.So he built a new system that provides both: security and convenience.

This development required hardware research, bridging various technologies, extending the electrical installation of the house, programming logic and even device drivers. Nothing a normal consumer could or would do.

Friends and family were impressed by Andreas’ new system and would have loved to have something similar – but there was no such offering on the market.

Switch is the answer to that demand: a powerful while simple system and service that provides safety and convenience to its users.